Heart and Capital


1. SEO

2. Social Media Management

3. Website Development

4. Digital Strategy

5. Branding


Heart and Capital is Nigeria Leading Innovative Agricultural Company with a mission of growing and easing agribusiness in Africa. Our vision is to become a publicly traded company that provides global agribusiness solutions.


1. Unable to reach appropriate target audience

2. Low Online visibility

3. Packaging event

4. Creating Sales and leads.


1. Creating a corporate brand identity for the business

2. Building a strong media image and relationship

3. Branding top notch programs such as “Agrowth” Conference

4. Use of different advert and platforms for publicity (TV, Billboard, Newspaper, radio, Social media ads etc)

5. Social media management

6. Constantly projecting the purpose of the companies existence.

7. Engaging graphic designs


1. 60% increase in social media followers

2. 21% increase in new customers

3. Improved Online visibility with 57%

4. Successful event branding with high attendance

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